Introvert in an Extrovert World

You walk into a classroom and see students in groups of three or four, talking animatedly with one another. Glancing in the corner, you see a student quietly sitting by himself, simply observing the others, his thoughts and emotions impossible to read on his expressionless face. Immediately, the first thought that comes into your head is that this student is probably just shy, a problem which can be cured over time. It wouldn’t even cross your mind that this student might just be differently social. We all know people like that student.

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How To Focus

It’s a funny thing, the mind. When you need it the most, it decides to lose focus, thinks up random thoughts and gets completely distracted. Let’s face it; we’ve all been in that situation where you’re working on a project for school and you need to get it done as soon as possible since the deadline is coming up. You’re working like a madman trying to get it done, when suddenly, a completely unrelated thought pops into your head. A few seconds later, random thoughts from all over the place start attacking your brain and in less than a minute, you’re completely distracted. At this point, most people would just give up and use this as an excuse to procrastinate and do something else until they can focus properly again. Fortunately for you, however, you’re not most people.

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The Hand Slap

The Hand-Slap is now an essential skill which you are expected to develop in high-school. Without it, you’d be seen as an awkward or socially-inept child who doesn’t fit in with the other “normal” kids. If you desperately need to fit in with everyone else at school, have no fear: I am here to help you. What exactly is a “hand-slap”, you say? Why is it even in quotation marks? And how is it strange? Well, let me tell you the way of the hand-slap. It goes something like this.

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