Not The Petals, Just The Thorns

A beautiful poem written by a close friend of mine entitled:


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I wrote a post a while back explaining introversion and extroversion and how there are two different personality temperaments. If you read that and understood it, congratulations! However, that was an over simplification of the MBTI. It’s not just Extroversion and Introversion; there are 16 different types of personality temperaments: ENTJs, ESFPs, ISTJs, ENFPs, INTPs, ISTJs and INTJs, to name a few. Confused? Right now, I’m assuming you’re worried I’m just repeatedly smacking my head on the keyboard with Caps Lock turned on, typing random letters and desperately hoping that at least some of it makes sense. Fear not; I am not trying to re-write the Twilight books.

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Reading Is Good! (Insert Nerdy Smile Here)

When was the last time any of us picked up a book just to read it for fun? Even though most schools have established a 15 minute READ programme, the majority of students simply sit about, pretending to read while waiting for those 15 dreadful minutes to pass by quickly and painlessly. According to a Jenkins Group survey, 42% of all college graduates will never read another book. As an avid book-reader myself, this came as a massive shock. How can one just willingly give up books? To me, reading one book simply leads to reading another which leads to another and so on. Once you start reading, you never truly stop. There’s just so much we can learn from books, whether they are fictional or non-fiction books.

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