Brain Excerpts – University Welcome Day

I leave the house and decide to take a rather scenic route to the bus stop, enjoying the cold weather. The roads are virtually empty and there are no stupid birds chirping mindlessly, resulting in a quiet peaceful atmosphere. I eventually reach the bus stop and my bus promptly arrives. I get on and sit in a nice seat in the back. After stopping at a couple of stops the bus turns onto the university road.

Does an outwards bellybutton still get lint? Oh look, the bus is heading into university now. Taking it’s time. I’ve had to listen to those two blithering idiots bickering about whether the sun is a planet or not. How is it actually even possible for people to be that thick? Yes,  the sun is not a planet. Very good! How you got in to university, I’ll never know. There’s a species of plankton which is smarter than you. Unbelievable. Wait a second. Did she just say she’s a 3rd year university student? Wow. This just keeps getting better and better…

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New Post Formats – “Brain Excerpts”

I’ve decided to add a new format to some of my blog posts.

As some of us do, I think quite a lot during my day. I have an internal dialogue of sorts where I talk to myself, narrate stuff, make fun of people, of things, ask random questions, re-watch the bits of TV in my head which I’ve committed to memory, find anagrams of words etc.

The idea  of these blog posts is pretty simple. I will simply pick an event that happened during any day and write down the relevant thoughts and whatever else happened in my head (I have a database/filing system memory-wise so finding the right thoughts associated with a certain event will not be difficult). I’m adding a short narration with each thought so you know what happened between thought intervals and aren’t left scratching your heads and wondering how I got from eating food to walking to the supermarket etc.

The format will be as follows:

Narrative – written in the normal font

Brain – italicized to show that this is a thought

These will be posted in the form of  “Brain Excerpts” and hopefully, they’ll be interesting to read. The first one will be a little snippet of my recent Orientation/Welcome Day experience and will be posted soon.

Please leave a comment telling me what you honestly think of it so I know whether I should post more or not (I plan on posting more regardless but I thought it’d be nice to ask anyway 🙂 ). Seriously though, please leave a comment.



Zaeem Siddiqui