How To Solve World Hunger, Obesity, Fossil-Fuels, Over-Population, and War (a work in progress)

You’ll need 2 things:

  1. Liposuction Clinics (owned by the Government)
  2. McDonald’s Restaurants

You can probably guess where I’m going with this…
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Brain Excerpts – What’s Good Bro?

So if I find the derivative of this function, then graph the result, I should get a sinusoidal function which obviously means –

“Yo, what’s good bro?” Annoyed at losing my train of thought, I look up and see a class fellow smirking at me, wearing a ridiculous sports cap and jeans that are practically hanging from his knees. “What ‘choo doing man?” he practically yells at me.

Mental note: if f(x) = f(-x), the function is even. And I really hate the stupid language they use most of the time. Why can’t they talk like normal educated people? I know it is difficult for you since you only have half a brain cell to share between you and the rest of your degenerate friends, but if you HAVE to interrupt my train of thought, at least have the decency to speak properly instead of sounding like the complete idiot you so clearly are. Well, I suppose I might as well reply to him then. I’ll leave this one in your capable metaphorical hands, brain.

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Made it to 1000 views on the blog! 🙂  Hope you found some of it actually useful. Busy with stuff right now but I’m planning on writing a whole lot more very soon. And by very soon, I mean probably later rather than sooner :P.