Android 4.2 – Daydream + JellyBean Easter Egg

Jellybean Easter Egg


With Android 4.2 comes “Daydream”, Google’s idea of a screensaver for your phone. There are quite a few different options for you to choose from and there’s also a hidden Easter Egg. A screensaver for your phone is an interesting idea but let’s face it, who’s really going to use it that often?

To access Daydream, you open up Settings and tap the Display option. Then you tap on Daydream and choose whatever options you want. By default, you have Clock, Photo Frame, Photo Table, and Colours. The only useful one out of these is the Clock. Colours looks hideous and the Photo options are decent, at best.

If you install some more applications, you can get some more Daydream options. For example, I have Battery Widget Reborn and Google Currents installed so I get these two options as well. Battery Widget Reborn just shows you your remaining battery life and Google Currents shows you your customized news feed. The good thing about Currents is that it’s interactive; you can tap on a news headline you’d like to peruse and it’ll show the entire news story.

You get two options at the bottom: Start Now and When To Daydream. Start Now simply shows you what your Daydream will look like when it actually starts. When To Start gives you the option of choosing whether you want it to turn on when the phone is charging or when the phone is docked etc.

Each individual Daydream option also has it’s own Settings as well. For example, if you click on the Settings icon next to the Clock option, you can see the  Daydream settings for that specific screensaver. You can choose Analogue or Digital clock styles and also whether you want it to be bright or dim (dark room).



There is a hidden “BeanFlinger” option in Daydream which you have to unlock. I’m sure you’ve all seen it before but I’ll go through it again anyway. It’s a very nice Daydream option and is fun enough to keep you distracted for a few minutes, every time you charge/dock your phone.

1. To unlock this option, you need to go to Settings and click on About Phone.

About Phone

2. Repeatedly tap Android Version until you see a massive JellyBean.

Tapping Android Version

Jellybean Easter Egg

3. Long press on the JellyBean and the phone will vibrate. Then you’ll see a sea of floating JellyBeans.

Floating Jellybeans Easter Egg

4. Go back to your Daydream settings and the BeanFlinger option should now be there.

BeanFlinger Unlocked

5. Enjoy 🙂





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