Nova Launcher Easter Egg – Secret Labs Menu

A Wild Labs Menu Appears
Did you know there’s a secret Labs menu in Nova Launcher? I honestly can’t believe I’ve had Nova Launcher on my phone for months and only found out about this feature today by accident. There are tonnes of cool features in the Labs menu. The one I’m most excited about is the option of putting any size widget in the dock. I’ve always envied iOS’s ability to have a Music widget in the dock. After unlocking the secret menu, I can put pretty much any sized widget I want in the dock. Unlocking the menu is stupidly simple:

1. Open Nova Settings.

Nova Settings


2. Press the Volume Down button for a second or two until you see a notification saying “Labs Menu Enabled”.

Press The Volume Down Button To Enable


3. Scroll down and you’ll see the Labs menu

A Wild Labs Menu Appears


4. Tap on it and witness all the secret options which were previously hidden from you.

Secret Labs Menu Options


If you go back to the Nova Settings menu and press the Volume Up button for a second or two, you can disable the Labs option (not sure why you’d want to). Another cool trick in the Labs options is to use your phone upside-down! Yes, this is probably not the best idea since you’d be putting your grimy fingers all over the camera lens but still, at least you can if you wanted to. And that’s all that counts.


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