Doctor Who Episode Idea

With all the rumours flying around about the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special, I thought I’d try my hand at writing a Doctor Who episode. This is just a really rough outline based on Matt Smith’s hint for the 50th Special: PAINTINGS. (Image courtesy of

Imagine there is this massive gallery of paintings of the past 10 Doctors. Each painting has a different incarnation of the Doctor with the Doctor’s number written underneath it.

The 11th Doctor lands in the gallery and notices that all these paintings are just different parts of the same event AT THE SAME TIME. Then he comes to the conclusion that these paintings are in his future since he remembers nothing about it.

He looks around and realises he has landed in someone’s private gallery who has been collecting all the paintings for a grand plan/scheme (like in Heroes with Mr. Linderman).

So the 11th Doctor looks around to see if he can find some clues or something when he sees a painting at the end of the hall. The painting is in a large glass case and is covered by a dark cloth but the cloth doesn’t cover the entire picture. The Doctor can just about make out a bloodied hand holding a sonic screwdriver and in the distance, an exploding TARDIS and some Gallifreyan words (the viewer doesn’t know what they are but we can visually see how scared the Doctor is).

At the bottom of the frame, written on a gold plaque read the words “11th Doctor – Fields of Trenzelor”.


The Doctor panics because he doesn’t want to die (afraid of “The Fall of the 11th”) so he rushes back in the TARDIS and goes to talk to each of the previous Doctors. To speed up the process, he brings them all onto his TARDIS at the same time.

Unfortunately, they don’t remember anything (because of The Silence). Just as they begin to discuss wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey things, the TARDIS starts to explode and crash etc. because it can’t handle such a massive paradox (all 11 Doctors in the same time).

The TARDIS flies out of control and crash-lands on some unknown planet at some unknown time. All the Doctors land in different places on this planet.

On the planet, there is a massive temple. It’s the only building on the planet. The temple doors are absolutely massive and each door has some Gallifreyan words written on it. Each Doctor sees reads the words and looks petrified (10th Doctor does the “What? What?! WHAT?!” and the 9th Doctor does “But that’s impossible!!” etc.)

They all panic and rush as quickly as they can towards the temple.

The 11th Doctor was lucky enough to land closest to the temple and heads towards it. Suddenly, he has a massive headache and starts remembering fragments of the event but it all seems random and none of it makes sense. Then he realises that he’s witnessing the same event on the same planet from 10 different points of view (One for each Doctor).

The final part of the story takes place from his point of view. He turns around to look at the planet and sadly sees his TARDIS exploding in the distance. He reaches the temple and looks at the words written on the doors and gets terrified.


He remembers the part of the painting he could see was his TARDIS exploding and a bloodied hand holding a sonic screwdriver.

Shaking with fear, he slowly looks down at his hands and gulps…his hands are all bloodied because of the TARDIS crash.

He takes one last look at the planet and his TARDIS (“Goodbye, Sexy…“), takes a deep breath, pulls out his sonic screwdriver, and enters the temple…


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