4 Top Apps for a Rooted Nexus

This is my list of the 4 apps you definitely need on your rooted nexus and probably the first 4 apps I install whenever I root my phone.


If you hate ads as much as most people do, you seriously need to have this app installed. Installation is quick and setting up is very simple. Just open up the app, click the Download files and apply ad blocking button and you’re done! Unfortunately, Google removed all Ad-Blocking apps from the Play Store because they all seem to violate some policy. Good news though, you can still download the app from its own website. The latest version is Version 2.3 and you can download it directly from here.



It does what is says on the tin. Every single Android phone, no matter how many cores it has or how much RAM it has, has eventually suffered from lag. This app just fixes the lag problem in a way similar to defragmenting a hard drive. Just open the app and click the Run! button. Bear in mind that it does take a while to properly trim everything so just patiently sit there and wait. You can get this app directly from the Play Store, or you could get it from the kind folk over at XDA Developers.



This is one of my favourite applications. The only problem is that it doesn’t work with all kernels. If you’ve no idea what a kernel is, then it will probably work on your Nexus. What it basically does, is allow you to control your phone using gestures. The best thing is that there is literally no extra battery drain (or none that I have noticed). The app works flawlessly and the gestures are clever. Slide from left to right on the bottom of the screen and you turn the phone off. Double-tap anywhere on the screen and the phone will turn on again. Download it from here.


Titanium Backup

Yes, you’ve probably seen this app in every single post regarding a rooted phone. That’s because if you root your phone, then chances are you probably go around flashing ROMs like a mad man. And you probably know that it takes a horribly long time to reinstall all your applications and set up your phone again every single time you change ROMs. I do quite a lot of ROM-hopping so I cannot live without this app. I won’t go into details on how to use this app since it’ll take too long to explain. All I can say is that you need to download it as soon as possible and make a backup. Download it from here.


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