Origins of The Weeping Angels

The Weeping Angel

I was watching The End of Time and I just had an interesting idea: The Weeping Angels were created by TimeLords. Confused? Think this is complete rubbish? Regardless, just humour me, and read on…

My Story of The Weeping Angel’s Origins:
We know because of the TimeWar, the TimeLords created new ways of fighting. They did some really messed up stuff to help them win. They even came up with the plan to destroy time itself etc.

So what if, before the TimeWar, some TimeLord scientist (ordered by high-level TimeLords to create new ways of fighting) came up with the idea to create a Weeping Angel? So this TimeLord (let’s call him Bob) comes up with the only psychopath in the universe to kill you nicely. He gives it the ability to manipulate people through time, using his TARDIS to feed it.

However, somewhere along the line, Bob realises it’s wrong. He realises that the Weeping Angel was a mistake, so he tries to destroy it. But you can’t kill a statue. So he tries to get rid of it completely. He throws it into the Untempered Schism Of Time and hopes it gets destroyed/lost.

The high-level TimeLords realise what he’s done and punish him forever. They say he is an embarrassment to the noble race of TimeLords since he turned his back on all of them. Accused of treason, he’s thrown into the TimeWar where he is put in a state of dying and regenerating and dying and regenerating and dying etc. No-one but the higher-level TimeLords knows he created The Weeping Angel.

Unbeknownst to anyone, the original Weeping Angel ends up at the beginning of the universe and has enough energy (thanks to Bob’s TARDIS) to duplicate itself. Because of this, the other TimeLords now have memories of seeing Weeping Angels before the Bob had even created it (wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey).

But they don’t know its real origins. Only the high-level TimeLords knew about Bob and his cursed creation. Based on his idea, they realised how they could become like the Angels and possibly escape the TimeWar and it’s state of being locked in time. *THIS IS WHERE RASSILON GETS HIS IDEA TO BECOME CREATURES OF CONSCIOUSNESS ALONE*

To keep it secret, the high-level TimeLords wanted to make sure no-one else knew the truth about the Weeping Angels. So they made up some random rubbish of it being as old as the universe and that no-one knew where it came from. And the Weeping Angel went down in history as one of the mysteries of the universe.

History became legend and legend became myth. The story of the mysterious Weeping Angels was passed down to each generation so many times that the original version was completely lost. This is the version The Doctor knows of, which explains why he knows so little about them.

In The End of Time, Rassilon says that “…as testament to their shame, they shall stand with us like the Weeping Angels of old…” and has those two TimeLords standing there with their hands in front of their faces as a form of punishment. The others think it’s some lame punishment but the high-lever TimeLords (Rassilon and his gang) know the real meaning it has and how severe the punishment is.

And that’s what I’ve got so far. Thoughts? Comments?


4 thoughts on “Origins of The Weeping Angels

  1. J. Kehrley says:

    I actually believe that the Weeping Angels ARE (or rather, were) Time Lords. Think about it, they feed off of time. They know the workings of the TARDIS in their first story. In the original series, it is stated that when the Doctor’s formor mentor, Barusa, attempted to discover Rassilon’s secret to immortality, Rassilon condemned him to immortality in the form of a living statue. I believe that the angels may have been Time Lords who were punished and banished to the beginning of time. Due to the nature of Time Lords, the Angels have to feed on temporal energy to maintain themselves.

    • It would be a really interesting plot twist if the Weeping Angels were/were created by TimeLords. They were really cool in ‘Blink’ and ‘The Angels Take Manhattan’, but that episode with Amy and River and the Weeping Angel (I forget what it’s called and I’m too lazy to search it up) was not scary at all. Especially when compared to Blink!

      • Thanks! That would be a pretty cool plot twist if they evolved to such a state that they were more developed than TimeLords so the TimeLords had to steal some of their ideas to develop advanced time travel.

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