Nova Launcher Easter Egg – Secret Labs Menu

A Wild Labs Menu Appears
Did you know there’s a secret Labs menu in Nova Launcher? I honestly can’t believe I’ve had Nova Launcher on my phone for months and only found out about this feature today by accident. There are tonnes of cool features in the Labs menu. The one I’m most excited about is the option of putting any size widget in the dock. I’ve always envied iOS’s ability to have a Music widget in the dock. After unlocking the secret menu, I can put pretty much any sized widget I want in the dock. Unlocking the menu is stupidly simple:

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Android 4.2 – Unlocking Developer Options

Devloper Options

According to Google, unless you’re a developer, there’s not really much reason you’d mess with the appropriately named Developer Options. Consequently, Google’s hidden it from Settings so that “normal” users will not accidentally mess up their phones, throw a tantrum, break down completely and just sit and cry in the corner of their room, mourning the loss of yet another Android phone.

However, if you enjoy that sort of thing, here’s how to get the Developer Options back. It’s really quite easy; I actually unlocked it by accident since I randomly tap things in the hope of discovering Easter Eggs.

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